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Token sale completed on 20 April
4999.9 SOL 5000 SOL 999%
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We’re the team behind the successful projects CrazyBunny and CrazyPepe. CrazyBunny 2k SOL sold out 30min, 8x after listing, CMC CG, MEXC. CrazyPepe 2k SOL sold out 4 min, 9x after listing, CMC CG, BitMart. We’re excited to introduce TrumpCat, set to make waves on SOLPAD. TrumpCat is at the forefront of our expanding movement. Tap2earn(@trumpcatbot) – In this game, each click earns game coins based on your upgrades. These coins can be converted into the cryptocurrency $TrumpCat at a rate of 1 game coin to 0.
Token Sale: 18 April — 20 April
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