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Token sale completed on 07 July
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Hats Finance is a Web3 native security solution provider dedicated to enhancing DeFi security through community-driven practices. By offering tools such as audit competitions, bug bounties, and skin-in-the-game audits, we aim to improve protocol security, engage the community, and streamline Web3 project development. Our mission is to create a secure and trustworthy DeFi environment by providing decentralized, transparent, and incentivized security tools.

Key features include crowdsourced audit competitions, a decentralized bug bounty platform, fair arbitration mechanisms, solo auditor engagements, and continuous audits for ongoing security. By empowering the security community, we elevate security standards across the entire Web3 space. Hats Finance is now proudly listed on ICOGemHunters.

Token Sale: 02 July — 07 July
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