Engines of Fury

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Token sale completed on 14 May
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Engines of Fury is a top-down extraction shooter set on a harsh alternate Earth where a mutagenic virus carried by a meteor impact turned the flora and fauna against humanity.Players attempt to thrive in a brutal narrative driven world as they customize their hideout with scavenged parts found while hunting.

Engines of Fury was launched with a vision to pioneer the gaming evolution with a free-to-play blockchain game of unparalleled quality, which will lead to becoming THE GAME to introduce & onboard a huge flow of users from the 3.3 billion gamers worldwide.

Project is 2 years into development with the Alpha version already fully functional. Backed by renowned VCs in the space, advised by Fortune500 co-founders & VPs, signed for release with top-tier storefronts, partnered with leading launchpads & exchanges, and top e-sports teams & streamers , Engines of Fury is set for making the vision come true.

Token Sale: 10 May — 14 May
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