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Token sale completed on 09 March
Goal: $ 100,000
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Ommniverse is a Fractional NFT marketplace that, at its core, utilizes the idea of fractional art for the exchange of NFTs. Our platform’s primary goal is to safeguard the compensation for curators’ labor because their ideas form the foundation of the whole thing. We also want to safeguard the investment of our customers so they may benefit from rewards in return for their confidence. Everyone can secure their assets with Ommniverse’s one-of-a-kind experience, and curators and purchasers won’t be left in the dark. Ommniverse enables people with modest investments to acquire fractionalized NFTs and sell them accordingly, giving buyers the advantage of not purchasing the entire NFT because the full original NFT can sometimes be too expensive.
Token Sale: 28 February — 09 March
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