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Token sale completed on 16 April
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Worlds first hyperchain infrastructure layer for on-chain gaming. Access liquidity through our Layer-2 for GameFi.

Hyperchain Rollup: ZKasino utilises the zkSync stack with EigenDA for scalability and security. Build faster, cheaper, more secure betting games on ZKasino’s Layer 2 Hyperchain Rollup with ultimate security and scalability.

Open Development Platform: Launch your dream gaming platform on ZKasino in minutes with no coding skills required. ZKasino’s tools and templates allow anyone to bring their gaming vision to life, without the need for extensive coding experience. Focus on game design and innovation while ZKasino handles the technical infrastructure.

Shared Liquidity Pool: Gaming platforms built on ZKasino benefit from aggregated liquidity, reducing bootstrapping time and ensuring a vibrant gaming experience from day one. Integrate your game into ZKasino’s aggregated liquidity (subject to whitelisting) and gain immediate access to a pool of active players. Eliminate the need to attract players from scratch, ensuring vibrant gameplay and revenue from the start.

Token Sale: 10 April — 16 April
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