Twin Protocol

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Token sale completed on 01 February
Goal: 10 BNB
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Twin Protocol is PvP AMM Synthetic Assets DEX, matching traders against each other in leverage trades with the option for liquidity providers (LP) to participate. We take the best that DeFi has to offer and allow traders to open long or short positions at the current prices of synthetic assets, including gold, silver, oil or any token like $ETH, $BTC, $AVAX, $SOL and others. Twin Protocol utilises an intermediary token called TLP, which is minted when traders deposit collateral, and is used to compensate for any difference in total profits and losses. The TLP token can be minted by anyone at the current price, and fees are distributed back into the backing USDC pool, allowing for automatic compounding. This creates a token with a price that can be used for hedging and earning yield.

Token Sale: 27 January — 01 February
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