Space Cartels

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The year 2266 brought a decision by global governments to transform the distant Planet X into a penal colony for the most dangerous criminals, in response to the Earth’s overpopulation crisis. This harsh, uninhabited planet became an arena for brutal survival struggles, where initial chaos quickly gave rise to organized criminal cartels. Leading criminals, capable of cunning and ruthlessness, took control, forming factions that fought for dominance through exploration, resource exploitation, and rivalry.

Over time, Planet X, originally intended as a prison, evolved into a complex world where cartels compete for wealth, unique resources, and power. The diversity and value of the planet’s natural resources intensified conflicts, turning it into a place of constant battle, where only the smartest and most ruthless can survive and dominate.

In “Space Cartels,” players embody the leaders of these powerful factions, aiming to gain an advantage on Planet X. Strategy, trade, and conflicts with other players are key to expanding influences and ensuring the survival of their cartel in an ever-changing and dangerous environment, where every decision can determine their future.

Token Sale: 16 May — 19 May
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