Token sale completed on 20 February
Goal: $510,000
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SHELTERZ is an accommodation booking service with full refunds. Users of the service step-by-step receive a full refund of money they spent in the equivalent of TERZ tokens and can use them for repeated reservations. The value of the token is provided by project’s profit. The higher profit, the more grows the redemption value of the tokens from the exchange.


  • Accommodation booking service with full refunds Travel To Earn
  • TURN BONUSES INTO TOKENS – The project’s algorithms accrue tokens to the user until their cash balance is restored.
  • SHELTERZ shares its profits with customers, buys TERZ tokens on DEX/exchanges and credits them to users accounts according to the system algorithms

IDO will be on several Launchpads, such as Poolz, Kommunitas, BSCStation, Gagarin, Spores, Infinity Pad, DSCLaunch.

Token Sale: 14 February — 20 February
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