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Token sale completed on 16 April
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Metropolis logoMetropolis is an unparalleled ecosystem where commerce, gaming, SocialFi, art, and culture converge to create a dynamic 360° experience. At its core, Metropolis X redefines social commerce through a revolutionary gamified marketplace where digital collectibles unlock tangible products and experiences. With the backing of an extensive network of over 400 esteemed creators and brands, and fueled by cutting-edge digital identity technology, Metropolis X offers users a truly immersive engagement platform.

Meanwhile, Metropolis World, acclaimed as the “capital city of the metaverse,” boasts vibrant neighborhoods and serves as the epicenter for transforming virtual interactions into unforgettable experiences through quests, storytelling, games, meet-ups, and special events. Notably, the cities are not just virtual landscapes but also pivotal points of commerce and brand identity for holders of property NFTs.

Token Sale: 15 April — 16 April
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