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Token sale completed on 15 April
Goal: 200 SOL
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Introducing Jawa AI, a groundbreaking AI Marketplace revolutionizing the industry. Our platform offers equal opportunities to AI creators, whether seasoned professionals or newcomers, enabling them to showcase their AI models without any upfront costs and facilitating sales through our dedicated marketing support.

With our multifunctional system, AI models will be more accessible to users and let them earn both active and passive income. Whether actively contributing to AI projects or simply holding $JAWA tokens, our community members have the opportunity to benefit financially.

Currently in development, our main utility, the AI Marketplace, is set to launch in the coming months. Once live, it will offer unlimited income potential to our Tribe. Simply hold $JAWA tokens and receive your share of the platform’s income through regular airdrops. Join us in shaping the future of AI and unlock your earning potential with Jawa AI.

Token Sale: 13 April — 15 April
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