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Token sale completed on 12 May
$196K USDC $200K USDC 98%
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Galaxis offers a decentralized approach to creating, managing and owning community platforms and the content generated by creators and their community members.

Galaxis provides a modular infrastructure for content creators, influencers and participants who want better control of their data, freedom of speech and the ability to monetize their social media following and engagement.

Galaxis enables monetization in 3 simple steps:

  1. Provide ownable, meaningful value to community members via Digital Membership Cards
  2. Create engagement with community members via the Community Space
  3. Enable and incentivize community members to support the project or creator.

Galaxis provides a wide range of utility modules and infrastructure blocks that can be seamlessly integrated into Digital Membership Cards and the Community Space.

Token Sale: 03 May — 12 May
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