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Token sale will start on 16 June
Goal: $200,000
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Introducing EARNM, a groundbreaking concept in the realm of digital rewards and loyalty ecosystems with its proven solutions for improving user retention and monetizing user activity. Developed by Mode Mobile, EARNM presents a revolutionary approach to value creation in the digital space. With the $EARNM token and Mystery Boxes, users worldwide can now unlock rewards simply by engaging in their everyday online activities, be it listening to music, playing games, or shopping online. The EARNM dApp, currently in its Alpha phase, pioneers a financially sustainable Web3 airdrop and rewards solution, setting a new standard in the industry. Powered by the innovative ‘Fractal Box’ protocol, EARNM Mystery Boxes offer fully customizable rewards, seamlessly deployable to any Web2 or Web3 partner platform in a matter of minutes. With Mode Mobile’s track record of raising over $50M and facilitating users to earn and save over $250M in the last 4 years, EARNM stands as the embodiment of a mission where users are rightfully compensated for their time spent on digital devices, ushering in a new era of digital empowerment and value recognition.

Token Sale: 16 June — 18 June
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