Doge Affiliate

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Token sale completed on 11 February
66 BNB 59 BNB 111%
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  • Doge Affiliate is inspired by SHILLERs in the crypto world. Shillers are numerous and aggressive and so are we. WOOF WOOF
  • Doge Affiliate – The first token SHILL TO EARN – with an affiliate marketing platform born in January 2023 Where you and the person you refer are both rewarded. The Strongest Community Token You’ve Ever Seen
  • Just refer the project, you will get valuable rewards for example: the person you refer successfully BUY via Pancakeswap 10000$ of $DOGAFF tokens, there will be 600$ in $DOGAFF reward (400$ for you, 200$ for the person you refer). When they SELL you also get the same reward. More referrals bigger the profit.
Token Sale: 09 February — 11 February
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