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Token sale completed on 07 February
150 BNB 50 BNB 300%
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๐Ÿ“The Artlux ecosystem aims to increase NFT adoption, create diversity in NFT utilities and expand the use of NFTs. The project includes the existing and upcoming Artlux NFT Marketplace, AI-powered NFT Lottery, NFT Launchpad, Artlux Metaverse, and more. Token holders can participate in the governance of the Artlux and influence the direction and development of the platform.
“Artlux is the first NFT platform to offer an NFT lottery program, and ATX token holders can participate in the lottery to win rewards. Holders can also participate in exclusive NFT projects and receive priority access to limited edition NFTs,” the team stated.
ATX token can be used to pay various utility fees on the Artlux platform, such as listing fees and transaction fees.

Token Sale: 03 February โ€” 07 February
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