Arcana Network

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Token sale completed on 30 October
Goal: $1,000,000
Website Whitepaper

“Arcana Network is a UX-focused app-chain with a suite of products for developers and users Arcana aims to be a decentralized Proof-of-Stake app-chain capable of: Distributed Key Generation (Fully Decentralized) Distributed Key Management (Enables the fastest login) Full Multi-party Computing (MPC) Arcana is live with three products: 1. Arcana Auth: The fastest decentralized in-app wallet SDK for email/social logins. Visit 2, SendIT: Paypal for web3. An app that allows you to send crypto to an email or social handle securely (P2P). Check out 3. Arcana Gasless: SDK for account-based sponsored transactions “

Token Sale: 30 October — 30 October
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$196.7292520 0.0500000 ETH 196.7292520 BTC
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