Don’t Get Scammed! The Ultimate Guide to Research ICOs or IDOs

Report says, 80% ICOs are scam

Study conducted by New-York based Satis Group LLC from publicly available information claims 80% of the ICOs projects die or never make it to the surface. Not just scam projects but even legit projects are unable to navigate through after the successful presales or ICOs.

Despite all the risk associated and all the warning signs people are not stopping from buying the shit projects thinking it to replicate the likes of the top projects. Interest from Institutions and tech savvy now joining the space along with the regulators coming to terms the crypto mania is on. Crypto exposure is yet to explode as few percent of the world population holds crypto in some form. The popularity of the crypto currency is imminent among the new generation, a big move from the US and Hong Kong points that the number of crypto holders will rise with time.

Crypto is not a forbidden fruit, the potential along with the benefits of buying have already been proven. It’s not a surprise that we see a flock of newbies into the market as soon as the world economy functions well. New investors are more prone to the victim of these ICOs basically just a pump and dump scheme where developers drain the liquidity and investors are left with useless tokens in their wallet. Crypto is unregulated but there should be some mechanism that people adhere to before considering investing is crucial.

How to mitigate the risk of being scammed

Everyone talks to DYOR but there are few tricks and steps to include in your research to find that next gem. The interest for crypto is on rise but the lack of information and proper knowledge people are loosing their hard earned. This issue is real and cannot be ignored thus igh group started exploring the underground of the crypto ICO and started a subsidiary to dedicate full time on the presale markets, especially ICO. The team of experts research and discuss as much aspects as possible before putting their money.

The alpha group at IGH group invests in ICO projects but also makes it possible to get ideas on other opportunities to earn from crypto and moreover the research saves tons of their time and yields better results as it’s done by a team of experts who follow the market 24×7.

The research produced by Satis Group LLC is well elaborated in investopedia explains the failure of projects in 4 broad categories, Scam ICOs,Failed ICOS, Gone dead ICOs, Dwindling ICOs. What’s common in all of them is investors loose their capital. “ I have seen many great ideas die, investors loose funds and developers are on the run, this is a regular life for ICO hunters” says Maxis CEO at IGH group. Despite 80% of ICO are scam investors who dumped right after launch have enjoyed a handsome profit trading ICOs. ICOs are here to stay most of them in the underground. Some launchpad nobody heard of have already raised billion, but in the process many great ideas get killed. ICO gem hunter is a project aiming to provide a platform that connects investors and help developers reach to right audience. We nurture and incubate projects, provide information and educate our investors in alpha group.

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