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Token sale completed on 02 June
$522 K $1800 K 28%
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Zaros: A perpetual futures platform bringing Liquid Re-staking Tokens (LRTs) real yield and capital efficiency

– On Arbitrum (now) & Monad (at launch)
– 100x Leverage
– CEX-like UX
– AMM based rather than order book based (more capital efficient, and benefits arbitrageurs & large portfolio managers)

Zaros stands at the intersection of liquid staking and perpetual futures. We supercharge your LSTs & LRTs yield with our market-making engine, enabling you to trade perpetual futures seamlessly while taking advantage of the composability of your staked assets.

  • Zaros markets have skew caps and open interest caps, resulting in higher TVL utilization than competitors, also enabling listing experimental markets (e.g memecoins).
  • Zaros offers single-sided liquidity pools (ZLP Vaults) for Liquid Stating Tokens (e.g. Lido) & Liquid Restaking Tokens (e.g. EigenLayer). LPs earn ETH real yield from trading fees.
  • Cross-margin + Multi collateral assets: 15 assets at first, including WBTC and alts such as LDO and LINK. That’s more than 2x what the competitor at the top accepts (Vertex).
  • Sub-account system: can create as many sub-accounts as desired, enabling different margin strategies or to mimic isolated margin. No competitor does that.
  • Social Login: login with Apple ID or Gmail.
    USDz (Zaros’ overcollaterized stablecoin). USDz is backed by the ZLP Vaults collateral and only minted when paying traders’ profits.
Token Sale: 30 May — 02 June
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