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Token sale completed on 29 May
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WednesdayCoin is built around the famous “It is Wednesday, my dudes” frog meme. It’s a pure memecoin, but its smart contract has a twist! If not traded on Wednesday (UTC time), 30% of each transaction gets automatically burned, embedding the meme into its code. By buying WednesdayCoin, you’re not only supporting the meme culture but also contributing to the Save The Frogs Charity, as 7% of the total supply is donated over the course of 12 months. Additionally, WednesdayCoin is listed on ICO Gem Hunters‘ ICO Calendar ICO Drops, boosting its visibility and accessibility to the community.

Tokenomics Breakdown:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens
Marketing Reserve: 10% of total supply (100,000,000 tokens) allocated for marketing, including airdrops and community giveaways.
Team Allocation: 3% of total supply (30,000,000 tokens) reserved for the team.
Charity Donation: 7% of the total supply (70,000,000 tokens) is dedicated to the “Save the Frogs” Charity. This amount will vest over 3 months and be donated over a period of 12 months.
Presale Allocation: 43% of the total supply (430,000,000 tokens) will be sold in the presale.
Liquidity Reserve: The remaining 37% of the total supply (370,000,000 tokens) will be used for liquidity on Uniswap. 100% of the ETH funds from the presale will support this liquidity pool.

Token Sale: 08 May — 29 May
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