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TAP Protocol

BRC 20
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Token sale completed on 05 June
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TAP has created a protocol that allows for secure and accessible development on Bitcoin, and unprecedented flexibility in programmability. Simply put TAP facilitates building on Bitcoin in a way no competitors can, and unlike the competitors TAP is decentralised.

  • First Native Smart Contracts Design on Bitcoin (Promises): TAP introduces smart contract-like functionalities known as Promises, directly on Bitcoin. These Promises allow for more complex and trustless interactions within the ecosystem. Users can create peer to peer Promises without the need of a third party.
  • Fractionalizing Ordinals Art: TAP enables micro-ownership and greater accessibility to unique digital art, democratizing the ownership of digital assets.
  • Token Swaps and Liquidity Pools: Facilitating seamless exchanges and liquidity provision, TAP enhances market depth and user empowerment.
  • Borrowing, Lending, and Staking: Users can borrow against their holdings, lend to earn interest, and stake tokens to gain rewards and enhance network stability.
Token Sale: 29 May — 05 June
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