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Token sale completed on 19 May
$426.8K $672.3K 63%
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The RWAX presents a unique pooled liquidity system designed to provide control over risk and rewards for liquidity providers in the crypto space.

Key Features:

  • Pooled liquidity system with automatic compounding of trading fees.
  • Three risk levels: Gold (lowest), Silver (moderate), Bronze (highest), offering varying rewards.
  • Ability to customize risk exposure by selecting individual pools or spreading liquidity across multiple pools.
  • Empowerment to tailor exposure and earn yields comfortably through an intuitive liquidity pool system.

Why The RWAX?

Diverse Market Access

Trade a variety of indexes, from the unconventional to the traditional:

Dark Web Price Index
Pokemon Card Index
Cannabis Index
Electric Vehicle (EV) Index
Semiconductor Index
Precious Metals Index
Consumer Price Index
SaaS Index
Livestock Index
Grains Index
NFT Index
And many more…

Token Sale: 16 May — 19 May
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