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Token sale completed on 27 May
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The Raiinmaker Network Protocol was developed to enable networks and digital systems to optimize privacy, security and performance through dynamic incentives and independent reputation. This novel blockchain architecture and custom consensus mechanism is built to revolutionize the core components that drive the creation and distribution of value by participants across a network using a purely peer-to-peer network with consensus powered by user verified hash-based signatures, forming a record composed of immutable identity and behavior data.

Get started as a Raiinmaker Network Validator; no blockchain experience necessary! This guide help you to learn how to enroll as a proxy node validator, register your own independent node, start creating transactions, and see cryptographic proof of those transactions packaged into blocks. Learning these concepts will give you a solid foundation to begin creating a blockchain application using the Raiinmaker Network platform.

Token Sale: 24 May — 27 May
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