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Token sale completed on 01 June
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In traditional finance, fixed interest rates are favored for their predictability and stability. However, the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space is dominated by floating rate protocols due to their simpler implementation. Qoda Finance aims to change this by offering a platform with fixed interest rates, meeting the demand for stability and predictability in financial transactions.


Qoda is a collateralized lending and borrowing protocol that operates with fixed interest rates and defined maturities. Key features include:

  • Users can trade interest rates like prices on exchanges. This allows for the creation of an on-chain yield curve.
  • Borrowers must deposit collateral, ensuring that lenders are always repaid and funds are secure.
  • Lenders receive qTokens representing future cash flows, which can be traded or redeemed at maturity, providing flexibility and liquidity.
  • Qoda offers fixed rates, giving borrowers and lenders predictable financial outcomes.

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Qoda Finance is set to list on ICO Gem Hunters, increasing its visibility and accessibility to a wider audience. By offering fixed interest rates, Qoda aims to become a key player in the DeFi fixed income market, providing the stability and predictability that users need.

Token Sale: 28 May — 01 June
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