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Token sale completed on 19 June
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Orbital7 is like a toolbox made just for Bitcoin-focused networks. It helps people easily make, control, and use digital stuff like Runes, BRC20 tokens, and Bitcoin itself.

Here are its main tools:

  1. Apex Fungible Lock: Keeps a tight grip on the total amount of digital stuff available, preventing sudden increases that could mess up its value. This helps keep things stable and avoids surprises.
  2. Comet Airdropper: Makes it easy to hand out digital stuff to lots of people across Bitcoin networks. This is great for projects wanting to share tokens fairly and get everyone involved.
  3. Genesis Inscription/Token mint: Lets developers create their own digital stuff on Bitcoin networks with a tool that’s easy to customize.
  4. Nova Token/Inscription Burner: Helps manage how much digital stuff is out there. By burning some of it, projects can make their stuff more valuable and scarce.
  5. Nexus MPC Wallet: Offers a super secure way to manage digital stuff, using special tech to make sure it’s safe. This is important for projects and groups who want top-notch security for their digital assets.
  6. Nebula Staking Rewards: Rewards people for helping out and investing in Bitcoin networks. This encourages folks to keep things safe and stable, making the networks stronger.
  7. Celestial Vesting tool: Helps developers set up rules for how digital stuff is released over time. This encourages people to stick around for the long haul and helps keep Bitcoin networks healthy.
Token Sale: 14 June — 19 June
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