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Token sale completed on 08 July
$95K $250K 38%
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Onyx Arches aims to transform the travel industry using decentralization and blockchain technology. By addressing industry bottlenecks and revolutionizing payment mechanisms, Onyx Arches enhances transparency, security, and trust, combating fraud and reshaping payment systems.


  • Partner Integration: Easily integrate travel services with our payment gateway APIs for a seamless customer experience.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Accept multiple cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies, broadening payment options and enhancing convenience.
  • Instant Settlements: Enjoy near-instant payment settlements, improving cash flow and financial stability.
  • Transparency and Trust: Blockchain technology ensures transparent, verifiable transactions, building trust between partners and customers.
  • Loyalty and Rewards: Benefit from exclusive discounts, rewards, and early access to features, boosting customer engagement and token usage.
Token Sale: 20 June — 08 July
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