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MYSTiC GAMES envisions a groundbreaking shift in the gaming landscape with “Our Odyssey: Beyond Gaming.” The mission is to revolutionize the industry by creating an interconnected universe of lore and intellectual property. The aim is to redefine digital identity and community interaction, making players integral members of a thriving virtual society. Central to this vision are innovative tokenomics and a robust NFT ecosystem, where players own upgradeable NFTs that serve as gateways to the gaming universe. By combining NFTs from four distinct games, players unlock a fifth, encouraging exploration across the diverse portfolio. The gaming experience is democratized by recycling tokens into competition prizes, offering transformative rewards and multiple avenues for investment, play, competition, and earning.


The approach features four foundational mobile titles and one epic cross-platform MMO. “Call of the VoYd” introduces the $VoYd token economy and NFT system with core mechanics like movement and combat. “Heroes of the VoYd” focuses on crafting and idle earning for passive income. “Guardians of the VoYd” brings real-time multiplayer, clans, and esports integration. “War of the VoYd” emphasizes resource management through farming and construction. These culminate in “VoYd Quest,” a cross-platform MMO with land ownership, governance, and a guild system. The $VoYd token, earned across the four games, is used in “VoYd Quest,” creating a cohesive ecosystem. Each game offers unique ways to earn and spend $VoYd, promoting engagement and strategic decision-making, with balanced token economy mechanics ensuring a healthy in-game economy. This approach leverages $VoYd as a unifying element, offering diverse gameplay experiences and catering to a broad audience.

Token Sale: 03 June — 07 June
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