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Token sale completed on 28 May
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Lyber is a French crypto exchange that’s regulated and secure. Lyber has already got the green light from French authorities, making it a trustworthy choice. It’s built for beginners, so even if you’re new to crypto, you’ll find it easy to use. With a strong team of experts from top financial institutions and a clear regulatory framework, Lyber is set to grow big.

  • Ancient Origins: Babylonian temples practiced grain lending; Lydia introduced money lending and deposits in the 7th century BC.
  • Roman Empire: Private bankers expanded lending and deposits, earning interest.
  • 19th Century Growth: Rise of fiat money and securities; major banks like Société Générale and Barclays Bank were established.
  • 20th Century Regulation: Post-1929 crash, governments increased regulation and created central banks.
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin created as an independent, inflation-resistant monetary system with a fixed supply of 21 million coins.
  • Tech Crypto and Innovation: Emergence of smart contracts and DeFi; new blockchains like Avalanche and Solana improve scalability and support Web 3.0 developments.

People will use Lyber because it’s simple, secure, and beginner-friendly. You can send crypto to friends just by using email or phone number, which is super convenient. Lyber charges low fees, so you keep more of your money.

What makes the project better than the competitor ?

Lyber stands out because it’s specifically designed for beginners and focuses on simplicity. Lyber has the best user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), it’s intuitive and easy to navigate.

Also, Lyber is secure. Being regulated in France adds an extra layer of trust and safety, making Lyber a reliable choice.

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Token Sale: 26 May — 28 May
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