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Token sale completed on 15 May
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Get ready for FalconX! FalconX is the go-to decentralized exchange (DEX) powered by the lightning-fast Solana blockchain. It’s simple: trade swiftly, securely, and with confidence.

What sets FalconX apart? Their native token, FALX, fuels the platform, promising value and growth. With only 10 billion FALX tokens ever, it’s about scarcity and sustainability.

Key Features:

  • Swift Trades: Say goodbye to sluggish transactions. FalconX rides on Solana’s speed.
  • Secure: Your assets? Locked tight. Trust is their priority.
  • Community Power: FALX holders call the shots. It’s decentralized governance in action.
  • User-friendly Tools: Trade like a pro, no matter your experience level.
  • Seamless Integration: FalconX plays well with other DeFi platforms, making your life easier.

Join Them: FalconX isn’t just another DEX—it’s the future of trading. Don’t miss out on FalconX presale opportunities!

  • Tokenomics Plan:
    • Airdrop: 0.7 billion FALX
    • Marketing: 1.2 billion FALX
    • Presale: 3 billion FALX
    • Staking Rewards: 1.4 billion FALX
    • Liquidity: 2.85 billion FALX
    • Team: 0.85 billion FALX
Token Sale: 08 May — 15 May
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