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Token sale will start on 25 July
Goal: $150,000
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Ethora is transforming the options trading world by combining advanced technology with decentralized principles. Our platform provides a smooth trading experience in a truly decentralized, gasless, and permissionless environment.


  • User-Friendly Experience: Ethora is designed for both seasoned traders and beginners, offering an intuitive application for easy navigation.
  • Complete Asset Control: With non-custodial trading, there are no KYC requirements, and your account can’t be frozen, blacklisted, or seized. You have full control over your assets.
  • Fairness and Transparency: We ensure accurate price feeds for a fair and transparent trading experience, with equitable distribution of platform rewards.
  • Gasless 1-Click Trading: Enjoy gas-free, instant trading without wallet approvals or hidden complexities, just like on centralized platforms.
  • Multi-Asset Trading: Trade flexibly using various collateral assets, regardless of your trade direction.
  • Empowering Features: Use limit orders, early closure, and ultra-low latency options trading with our efficient off-chain system.
  • Diverse Markets: Access multiple markets, including cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities, to suit your trading style.
  • High Payouts: Earn up to 90% in payouts with customizable order types for ideal entry and exit points.
  • Market Making Vaults: Participate as a market maker by depositing assets into ELP vaults, earning platform fees and exclusive token rewards.
  • Liquidity Provider Protection: We maximize returns for liquidity providers based on market conditions and liquidity needs.
  • Efficiency: Focus on short-term trading instruments for efficient liquidity use, resulting in higher fees with less capital.

Ethora’s mission is to demonstrate that decentralized trading platforms can compete with centralized ones, offering a truly revolutionary trading experience.

Token Sale: 25 July — 27 July
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