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Token sale completed on 07 June
$139K $200K 69%
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DeltaPrime is a decentralised borrowing and investing ecosystem, unlocking trapped liquidity on the chains it operates on. On DeltaPrime users can easily deposit and borrow funds to increase the power of their usual DeFi investments. The minimum collateral ratio for these loans is 20%.

Borrowed funds can be used to invest in integrated protocols. Every platform can be integrated as long as they are safe and liquid.

$PRIME is a utility token, required for crafting sPRIME, a revenue-generating LP token combining $PRIME + another token. sPRIME serves as app’s primary payment method, unlocking features & more. Combining sPRIME & app usage accrues voting power over 2 years.

Token Sale: 01 June — 07 June
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