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Token sale completed on 12 June
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The Cookie DAO-powered ecosystem token, $COOKIE, drives value across the MarketingFi economy, ensuring businesses, creators, and users benefit from a fair and transparent marketing environment. By utilizing Cookie3 Airdrop Shield, affiliate campaigns, and other tools, $COOKIE stakes receive a portion of saved airdrop distributions, creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders.

Cookie3 offers a suite of products designed to optimize marketing efforts and reward quality engagement. Cookie3 Analytics provides B2B tracking from off- to on-chain, helping marketers understand and target their audiences effectively. Airdrop Shield ensures tokens reach real users instead of bots, and the Affiliate platform enables transparent, performance-based rewards for creators. The MarketingFi Score helps users gauge their value to advertisers, unlocking exclusive rewards and opportunities. This ecosystem not only prevents wasted marketing budgets but also ensures value is retained and redistributed among quality participants

Token Sale: 05 June — 12 June
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