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Token sale completed on 29 June
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boundlesspay ico presale

BoundlessPay is a digital banking app that connects traditional financial services with cryptocurrency. It’s designed for a wide range of users, including individuals, businesses, and investors, who need to manage both regular money and digital currencies efficiently.

Project Stats

  • $7 million Total Value Processed (TVP)
  • 100,000+ combined community members
  • 17,000+ verified users
  • 1,200+ active users

Revenue Streams

BoundlessPay earns money through:

  • Transaction fees on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Remittance services
  • Merchant payment solutions
  • Potential subscription-based premium features

This variety of revenue sources helps meet the needs of different users, from individuals to businesses, promoting the use of digital currencies and new financial services.

BPay Token

$BPay is a utility token for the BoundlessPay ecosystem. Similar to BNB in Binance, it offers users various incentives and access to financial services and tools, and it rewards users for certain activities on the app

Token Sale: 25 June — 29 June
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