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Astroon is an expansive digital universe that merges captivating animated content with interactive gaming experiences, all underpinned by blockchain technology. This innovative platform goes beyond traditional gaming, fostering a vibrant community where engagement and contributions are rewarded through the Astroon Token ($AST) and unique NFTs. Designed to captivate gamers and animation enthusiasts alike, Astroon offers tangible value and influence within its ecosystem.

At its core, Astroon features two primary components: an engaging animated series and a suite of mobile games. The animated series, available on platforms like YouTube Kids, follows the adventures of Astro and Roon, two astronauts navigating the challenges of space exploration. Complementing the series, the Astroon games—including titles like Astroon Fall and Astroon Idle—provide a variety of gaming experiences, from high-paced action to strategic resource management. These elements are interconnected, with achievements in the games influencing the storyline of the animations and vice versa, creating a dynamic and immersive universe.

Token Sale: 18 July — 24 July
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