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Token sale completed on 13 June
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AGORA ICO Presale Listing Crosschain DEX


Agora, the ultimate Web3 arena, uniting leading projects, users, and investors for mutual growth. Agora blends gaming excitement with financial opportunities, offering unique products like the LootBox system and AgoraDEX, a decentralized exchange.


  • GameFi Hub: One-stop platform integrating a wallet, DEX, and gamified launchpad for game developers.
  • Digital Identity: Seamless authentication across games with a universal digital identity pass.
  • AgoraDEX: Built on Uniswap V2 framework, offering cross-chain swaps, staking, and liquidity pools.
  • Loot Box System: Smart contract-powered launchpad with NFTs for project funding, democratizing game development.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Cross-chain Functionality: Access games from different blockchains for a diverse gaming experience.
  • Zero Gas Fees: Enhanced gaming experience with Ultra’s technology, reducing barriers for newcomers.
  • Simple UI: Easy onboarding for gamers, encouraging product adoption.
  • AI Liquidity Optimizer: Improves investor yields and reduces risks with strategic asset positioning.

In short, Agora offers an all-in-one solution with cross-chain capabilities, zero gas fees, simple UI, and AI liquidity optimization for a seamless Web3 gaming experience.

Furthermore its recognized as the best pick project by ICOGemHunters and listed in ICO Calendar. Instead DYOR before dive in it.

Token Sale: 11 June — 13 June
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